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  Michael B. Stevens, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S.
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Quiz about Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Quiz yourself about breast augmentation (enlargement) surgery. Choose the correct answers to ten multiple choice questions, then select the "submit your answers" button to learn your score. Enter your name and e-mail address below or, if you prefer anonymity, use a pseudonym.

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1   In which countries is breast augmentation surgery most popular?

a. Argentina, Germany and the United States
b. Australia, Canada and the United States
c. Belgium, China and Italy
d. Brazil, Japan and the United States

2   In the United States, the average implant size varies from state to state. Which state reports the largest average size?

a. California
b. Florida
c. Hawaii
d. Texas

3   In patients seeking breast augmentation surgery, the most often requested cup size is:

a. C
b. D
c. demi-tasse
d. venti

4   An endoscope is composed of two basic parts, namely:

a. a lighted camera and a viewing screen
b. minature-sized binoculars and a luminescent screen
c. a digital camera and a floor mounted microscope
d. a virtual reality headset and a monitor

5   In an endoscopic breast augmentation procedure, how deep is the incision that is needed to insert the endoscope?

a. less than one inch
b. about three inches
c. at least seven inches
d. none of the above

6   An endoscopic breast augmentation is generally completed in:

a. usually less than one hour when performed by an experienced surgeon
b. nearly three hours
c. about six hours, depending on the size of the implants
d. none of the above

7   While performing the surgery, what does the surgeon watch while moving the endoscope?

a. the screen which displays a magnified image of what the camera is pointing at
b. the patient's actual breast tissue
c. the nursing staff and anesthesiologist
d. the time-elapsed clock

8   Advantages of endoscopic breast augmentation surgery include which of the following?

a. smaller incisions
b. quicker patient recovery time
c. less bleeding and bruising
d. all of the above

9   In a transaxillary endoscopic augmentation, the incision is made in the axillary floor of the body. Where is the axilla located?

a. along the border of the nipple
b. within the navel (belly button)
c. in the region of the armpit
d. near the trachea (windpipe)

10   Which breast implants are currently available for cosmetic breast surgery? (in the U.S.)

a. round or contour shaped
b. textured or smooth surfaced
c. saline-filled
d. all of the above


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