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Rhytidectomy - After The Surgery

Following the surgery, Dr. Stevens applies bandages to the area of the face where the incisions were made. Next, you will be moved from the operating room to the quiet of a recovery suite where you'll recuperate in a specially designed recliner, embraced by warm, velvety blankets. A nurse will remain near your side to routinely monitor your vital signs to ensure both your comfort and safety. before/after rhytidectomy When your condition has stabilized, you will be released and permitted to return home. Because facelift surgery is carried out under local or, in some cases, general anesthesia, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult, usually a friend or relative. And it is recommended that a companion remain with you for the first 24 hours. If you would feel more comfortable remaining overnight at the surgery center's aftercare suite, registered nurses are available 24/7 to monitor your well-being and assist you with your needs. Upon leaving the surgery center you will be given written post-operative instructions as well as the date of a follow-up office visit. It is important that you carefully follow the post-op instructions and keep all office appointments to ensure a complete and successful recovery.

Recovery will take two to three weeks, although each day after surgery you will note a decrease in the discomfort and swelling. Most people return to work about two weeks following surgery although others require longer to recover their vigor. Any discoloration from bruising or slight amount of swelling can usually be concealed using camouflage makeup.

Why not look your best during recovery?
Our specially trained professional make-up artist is available to teach you camouflage makeup techniques to make you look better and feel better during recovery from facelift surgery. Continued on the next page.

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