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Rhytidectomy - The Procedure

Facelift surgery is performed at the outpatient surgery center. What this means to you is that the operation will be undertaken in the relaxed atmosphere of a safe, certified and licensed medical facility, away from the sometimes stressful environment of a hospital. The surgery center is able to satisfy all the essentials that a patient expects in ambulatory facelift surgery; specifically, safety, convenience, confidentiality, and the highest quality of care.

Each person's facelift surgery is highly individualized, but a basic procedure involves Dr. Stevens using a scalpel blade to make an incision starting at the hairline of the temple or sideburn, continuing in front of the ear, then underneath the earlobe extending onto the back of the ear and then to the skin behind the ear. Next, loose skin is parted from underlying tissue and is raised up and back. Any excess skin is removed and the lax muscles and connective tissue are tightened. Some fat deposits may be as well. Tiny sutures, well camouflaged in the natural folds of the skin, are used to close the incisions.

A facelift will usually be carried out under local anesthesia although in some cases, general anesthesia may be used. In almost all cases, premedication using a mild sedative is administered to help you relax.

Depending on the extent of the facelift, and if other facial procedures are undertaken at the same time, the procedure may take from two to five hours.

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