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Rhytidectomy - Before the Surgery

After the initial consultation, if there is agreement between both you and Dr. Stevens to pursue the same goals of the facelift surgery, a preoperative office visit is scheduled. At this appointment, your complete medical history is taken to assess your overall health. A thorough examination of your face, head and neck is also undertaken and documented.before/after rhytidectomy At the consultation, Dr. Stevens will discuss with you his vision of your facial rejuvenation. Photographs of your face will be taken to allow him to evaluate the most effective technique for your specific needs. In addition to conventional photography, Dr. Stevens may employ computer imaging to illustrate the possible changes in your appearance. Finally, he will inform you of the type of anesthesia to be used as well as possible unwanted and unexpected risks and complications.

Before you leave the office, you will be given a written set of instructions to follow to prepare you for your surgery. These will include the elimination of aspirin or aspirin containing products, fish oil products, or vitamin E to lessen the chance of a bleeding problem. Also, antibiotics will be prescribed to prevent infection. Following preoperative instructions is vitally important so that you are assured of the safest operation with the finest results.

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