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Collagen Injection Treatments

At the time of a consultation, you will meet face-to-face with Dr. Stevens. You will have an opportunity to tell him what you want changed about your appearance, such as the improvement of facial wrinkles or the desire for fuller lips. At this meeting, Dr. Stevens will carefully examine your face and then inform you of what can realistically be accomplished through the use of collagen injections. His comments will include mention that while collagen injection treatments can restore a more youthful and rested look to the face, they are a temporary measure to improving the appearance of the skin. He will also caution you not to expect every line or wrinkle to be corrected for the goal of the procedure is improvement. Further, he will advise you that more than one treatment may be necessary to achieve a desired result.

All medical procedures are subject to certain risks. At the time of your consultation with Dr. Stevens, the risks and precautions associated with a collagen treatment will be explained in understandable, jargon-free language. Some of the risks he will discuss appear below, however, for most people, collagen injections are a safe way to treat wrinkles.

Infection and mild bruising at the injection site.
Temporary swelling in the form of a small raised or whitish area at the injection site.
Herpetic lesions at the injection site may recur in patients who have a history of herpes simplex.

This Web page provides an overview of collagen and how injection treatments are performed. No document can address all of your concerns nor supplant the benefit of a private consultation. If you are considering improving your facial wrinkles or achieving fuller lips and have questions or want to make an appointment to discuss how your appearance might benefit from collagen injection treatment, you're invited to email Dr. Stevens or contact the Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.

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