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Collagen Injection Treatments

A collagen treatment is the use of an injection of collagen under the skin to reduce facials lines, wrinkles and some types of scars. Collagen injections can also be used to achieve fuller, more sensuous lips. Specifically, collagen treatments are effective in treating crow's feet (periorbital lines), worry lines (forehead lines), smile lines (nasiolabial folds), frown lines (glabellar lines), some facial scars and acne scars, the lips, including the skin above and below (oral commissures and vermillion ridges), and enlargement of the lips (lip augmentation).

The use of collagen has been in clinical practice for over 15 years and advances in both collagen products and techniques continue to be realized. However, many experts attest that the most successful injection treatments are determined less by the use of new products than by the skill that a surgeon develops over the years.

Unlike some plastic surgery outpatient facilities where collagen injections may be delegated to others, Dr. Stevens performs the injection treatments himself. Having the procedure performed by an experienced and highly skilled surgeon such as Dr. Stevens, you are assured that you will receive the best possible results. Further, studies have shown that one of the more common risks associated with the procedure, that is, overcorrection, is significantly lessened when the injections are administered by a highly skilled physician.
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